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4th Place in NYC Midnight!

So excited to announce that I placed 4th in the final round of NYC Midnight's 100-word microfiction contest!

This contest has been a huge part of my writing journey. In 2021, the NYC Midnight 100-word contest was the very first writing contest I ever entered. I didn't get past round 1, but it sparked the beginning of a huge learning process for me, that will go on as long as I keep writing. In 2022, I got knocked out in the second round, and this year I made it all the way to the final... and placed 4th! I'm still a little in disbelief, and it hasn't properly sunk in yet. I've been seeing some success in my writing these last few months, and yesterday's victory has reminded me that I should be updating this website much more (lots of traffic coming to the website from NYC Midnight!). So expect a lot more updates in the near future. For now, massive congratulations to Sandra Leary for winning the contest overall, to all my fellow writers who placed and received honourable mentions, and to each of the 6,000 writers for taking part in the first place. I don't know how many of you will stumble on this little blog of mine, but wherever you placed at whatever part of the contest, keep writing and keep believing, If I can go from being knocked out in the first round without an honourable mention to almost winning the whole thing, then so can you! Check out the full results here.

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