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Debut Novel Reveal - Dreams of a Damselfly

Today I'm announcing with excitement (and a little bit of nerves) that my debut novel, Dreams of a Damselfly, will release in Kindle and paperback formats on Monday 31st May!

If you haven't heard already, I actually wrote this story a good few years ago (around 2012) and it has been sitting dormant on my hard drive ever since. I had a few problems with it that I wasn't quite sure how to fix, but over the last few weeks I feel I've done a good job addressing these issues... although of course, you readers will be the best judges of that. Dreams of a Damselfly is set in Edinburgh and tells the story of twenty-seven year old English teacher Paula Hamilton, who is a bright, humorous character with a big heart. She is diagnosed with a brain tumour and spends the novel committing to living her life to the fullest and helping others around her. She joins her brother-in-law's rock band who, unbeknownst to Paula, are on the verge of being signed by a major record label. Another important character in the novel is Daniel, a fouth-year student at the school Paula teaches at, who faces severe bullying issues. Paula and Daniel form a bond while Daniel remains completely oblivious to Paula's diagnosis. You can pe-order the Kindle version of Dreams of a Damselfly for just £2.99 by clicking HERE. However, I will also be looking for some individuals who may be interested in joining a "book launch club", where they will receive a free advance-copy PDF in exchange for an honest review on Amazon, which will hopefully help me to reach more readers. More information on that very soon! I'm incredibly excited to finally share Dreams of a Damselfly soon. Stay tuned to my social media accounts for all the latest!

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