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Why I Will NOT be Getting the COVID-19 "Vaccine"

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Dear NHS,

I am writing in reply to your letter simply dated “January 2021”, in which you diligently informed me about Scotland’s COVID-19 vaccination programme, which I do NOT give my consent to be a part of.

Your letter begins with a statement which I highly dispute. In it, you state that “our lives were turned upside down by COVID-19”. My life was not turned upside down. In fact, I barely noticed the virus until the government decided to shut the shops. My attention was then drawn to the so-called "pandemic", and I decided to do some research. Some research that the government and the health officials are hiding from us.

Firstly, did you know that COVID-19 is no worse than the flu? Last year in Scotland, 103 people died from influenza (that’s the fancy name for flu) related diseases, while only… 4,578… people died from this supposed virus.

Actually, that does seem bad. But wait a minute, wait a minute. What’s all this about COVID-19 just being “mentioned” on their death certificate? Eh? So, as long as they “had” COVID-19 you’re just going to say that they died of it to get your numbers up? We all know what you’re playing at; you and the government, and the other international governments made up of various political systems and beliefs, and all the other health organisations in the world (some of them private, some of them funded by their governments) and every single doctor, nurse, hospital cleaner, politician (again, regardless of what their beliefs are), and news reporter in the world are LYING!! It’s easy to see – the data is out there on Google and Wikipedia. And anyone who argues against is just stupid.

In fact, I have a mate on Facebook, who’s friend’s mum’s friend’s cousin died suddenly last month. And they put COVID-19 on the death certificate! Even though he didn’t have it!! The information is out there, in black and white. You can’t fool me.

So this vaccine you’re rolling out. What’s actually in it? Does anybody even know? I won’t be touching it until I see a full list of the ingredients. We all saw that expansive list of flu vaccine ingredients on Twitter. Antifreeze, detergent, aluminium, and aborted baby? If you think I’m going to stick that into my arm, you’ve got another think coming, NHS.

I think we should let First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her crew get the injection first. And if she’s okay… well there’s probably still something wrong with it that I’m sure I can find on Google, but it’ll be a start anyway.

What’s that? She’s already said she’s going to get filmed getting the injection? Well, like I said, I still need a full list of ingredients and proof that the virus actually exists before I stick any foreign substance into my body that I don’t 100% know the makeup of.

Right. Here’s another thing. I just had a quick cigarette break there and was looking on my phone (5G not enabled, but that’s a whole different story). Apparently, the police are going to have more powers to make sure we are all wearing masks in the shops? That’s ridiculous. Some people are exempt from wearing them. I have asthma, and as you will know (being a “professional” health service), asthma makes it hard to breathe as it is. I haven’t been to the doctor about it since I was about ten, I don’t use an inhaler, and there’s no proof asthma actually exists, but I’m exempt anyway.

This is just another way for the police to abuse their power, isn’t it? I had a mate who only wanted to go out for a run during the last lockdown, and the police cautioned him and moved him on! Boris Johnson was VERY clear on this issue: you were allowed to go out for one form of exercise per day as long as you were in your local area. Yet the police forced my pal to get back in his car and FOLLOWED him for the twenty-minute drive back to his house on the other side of the city to make sure he was going home. It’s official folks, we live in a police state.

Did you know, by the way, that this “virus” has a survival rate of 99.7%? Yeah, you probably do, because it’s YOU that’s trying desperately to keep this information away from the people. Also, the virus is only lethal for people aged over 80, or people with pre-existing health conditions, and really, who cares about them?? They all stay tucked away indoors, away from the rest of humanity anyway, so if they are out and about the streets during this lockdown, then it’s frankly their own fault if they catch the virus.

And what are we going to do about all the businesses I didn’t care about before that are losing money? The self-employed who don’t report their earnings to HMRC to avoid tax? What’s our plan for them, eh?

But I digress. Back to this vaccine of yours. How come it’s come out so quickly? I’ve read up on this a lot, and every single page I found via Google (and then linked to my Instagram followers) said that it takes YEARS to develop a vaccine. About fifteen or twenty years, actually. So this one’s been absolutely rushed. And it’s all about making money, and not helping people. Before you write to me offering your vaccine, I’d like to know how much you’re profiting off of the virus.

In summary, I won’t be taking your vaccine because it’s a money-making scam/cover-up story for something that the government don’t want us to know about. It’s not even as bad as flu, even though it’s killed more people but that’s just the amount of people who just happened to have COVID-19 along with something else. It’s also not even been proven to be real.

In a country where we have the privilege of receiving free healthcare, at a time of global emergency, I will b refusing your so-called “vaccine” for your so-called “virus”.

And whilst we're being told to "stay indoors" and "keep people safe", screw that! I'll be going about my business, living my life the way I want to live it because I live in a free country.

PS: it was created by the Chinese to get their population down.

PPS: I am disappointed you didn’t write to me in November to offer me the flu vaccine, which I am entitled to as I have asthma.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks for reading the story. I hope you were successfully able to recognise the silliness of what the writer of this letter is saying to the NHS, but just in case, I highly encourage everybody to take the vaccine for COVID-19 if and when it is available to you. It will save lives (and not just yours).

We live in a world of misinformation. Please check out reliable sources, seek advice from professionals, and be kind to each other.

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